Rapid Ascent: HTFU Australian Coast to Coast

MEDIA RELEASE: 01/04/2012 (I don’t think this is an April Fools joke!!!)

Rapid Ascent launches the ‘HTFU Australian Coast to Coast’ as the ultimate physical challenge

Rapid Ascent is excited to launch today ‘The HTFU Australian Coast to Coast’ as the ultimate physical challenge and asks you; are you up to the HTFU challenge? Already known for setting tough courses at all their races, Rapid Ascent have upped the ante big time with the HTFU Australian Coast to Coast being surely the toughest multi discipline event ever created as it crosses the entire Australian continent in a huge West to East traverse.

Race Director and adventure race hard man John Jacoby says, “Everyone is getting so soft these days so we thought it was time to set a real challenge to separate the men from the mice. Most races these days are basically glorified follies in a park with short distances, on manicured courses with barely an ounce of adventure. With the rising popularity of token races like Tough Muther, Muddy Run and even the North Farce 100km Ultra Marathon so we thought it was time to set a real challenge”

And set a challenge they have with the HTFU Australian Coast to Coast covering a whopping 5,721km in 10 massive legs all the way across Australia. This course route really will separate the men from the boys:

Race Start at the western most point of the Australian mainland at Steep Point.

  1. Leg 1: Jump off cliffs at Steep Point and swim through Shark Bay to Monkey Mia
  2. Leg 2: Run 721km from Monkey Mia along the old rabbit proof fences to Wiluna – the start of the Gunbarrel Highway
  3. Leg 3: Mountain Bike 1,125km from Wiluna along the Gunbarrel Highway to Uluru
  4. Leg 4: Run around Uluru and the Olgas, and then north past Kings Canyon and along the Larrapinta Track through the West MacDonnell Ranges to Alice Springs
  5. Leg 5: Mountain Bike 825km from Alice Springs down the Oodnadatta Track to Lake Eyre
  6. Leg 6: Swim across Lake Eyre to the mouth of the Coopers Creek / Wharburton River
  7. Leg 7: Kayak 421km up the Wharburton River and then the Diamantina River to Birdsville
  8. Leg 8: Mountain Bike from Birdsville along the Dingo Fence to Mungindi and the start of the river border between NSW and QLD
  9. Leg 9: Kayak 328km from Mungindi along the Barwon River, Macintyre River and Dumaresq Rivers that form the NSW / QLD border to Mole River
  10. Leg 10: Run just 213km through the Mt Barney, Border Ranges and Lamington National Parks to Murwillumbah on the Tweed River
  11. Leg 11: Swim down the Tweed River through Tweed Heads and then down the coast to Cape Byron at Byron Bay and the eastern most point of the Australian continent.

“We are very happy with the proposed course and think it is a real challenge.” continues John, “It won’t be all hard work though because it visits a lot of historic features, iconic landforms and national parks along the way, like Lake Eyre, The Dingo Fence, Lamington National Park and plenty of others so there will be plenty to look at along the way. In fact we think a number of international competitors will come and tackle the event because of the scenery and locations it visits.”

The event is open to teams of two who must do the whole thing together with the only support being from race organisers who will move your equipment from transition area to transition area. This means that competitors will either have to live off the land and collect food as they go or carry very heavy packs – which adds to the strategy of the race.

“There is barely any hardship in today’s current races,” exclaims John, “people ride these fancy carbon bikes they weigh nothing, prance around in their lycra race suits and suck down space food like gels on groomed courses and think they are having an adventure. The kiwis have a Coast to Coast race across the South Island that they get all wound up about but I reckon the HTFU will sort them out, come and tackle this one boys and girls!”

The event is set to start in just under 12 months time on February 29th 2013 and entries are now open. The event website is still being constructed so please contact Rapid Ascent for further information on info@rapidascent.com.au or visit their website at www.rapidascent.com.au where you will find details on all the other off road races they conduct as well.

A larger version of the course map can be downloaded from here: http://www.rapidascent.com.au/images/ForumAndNews/HTFU-AUS-C2C.jpg

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Really facinated about why multi disipline endurance athletes have such a low public profile when they are arguably the most talented all round athletes on earth, so I thought I would get off my arse and do my little bit to help change that situation and tell a few stories about some of the crazy's I know. Thanks for reading guys.
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